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In the fall of 2011, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food and the Utah Department of Natural Resources jointly convened a collaborative group to discuss sustainable grazing on the U.S. Forest Service lands in southern Utah. The Forests under consideration were the Fishlake National Forest, the Manti‐La Sal National Forest, and the Dixie National Forest. A diverse array of stakeholders came together to learn from one another, identify current issues, and develop agreement on how Forest Service lands can be sustainably grazed. Representatives from the livestock industry, conservation interests, state and federal agencies, universities, sportsmen’s interests, and local government attended ten meetings over the course of a year. Forest Service representatives attended all meetings as technical representatives to ensure that the group had accurate information on policies, current activities, and other topics critical to the discussions, but did not participate in collaborative decision‐making. The group worked to achieve consensus to ensure that all participants were comfortable with the documents produced by the collaborative.

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