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To effectively address homelessness and related issues affecting downtown Salt Lake City, the Mayor’s Office determined that a comprehensive understanding of the situation was essential. The Wallace Stegner Center Environmental Dispute Resolution Program was brought in to conduct a Situation Assessment exploring public perceptions and existing efforts, and identifying opportunities for collaboration and increased coordination with particular focus on the City’s role. This Assessment Report reflects a snapshot in time about an extremely dynamic situation. The Assessment Team conducted 60 interviews across stakeholder categories: residents, businesses, all levels of government, law enforcement, homeless service providers, homeless individuals and other knowledgeable community members. The Team took stock of existing homeless-related resources in the Salt Lake community and researched the approaches taken by three other cities facing similar issues (Calgary, Houston and Phoenix). The Team also reviewed empirical data from existing reports, as well as documents offered by interviewees. Members of the Team supplemented interview perceptions through visits to the downtown areas most affected by homelessness and related issues.

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