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On January 2, 2022, the Department of the Interior published a notice in the Federal Register seeking Information to Inform Interagency Efforts to Develop the American Conservation and Stewardship Atlas. This letter responds to the Department’s request for information.

Our comments focus on what we believe would be a useful framework for the Atlas. Our comments proceed in 5 parts: (1) broad comments about conservation, the Conservation and Stewardship Atlas, and the America the Beautiful Initiative; (2) the need to provide a universal baseline of ecological health that includes ecological potential, existing conditions, and a landscape health assessment; (3) the benefits and risks of recognizing a continuum of conservation; (4) avoiding a “lemons” market in the conservation sphere by providing transparent information about the purpose, management, efficacy, and durability of conservation projects included in the Atlas; and (5) the need to develop an assessment methodology and report card that creates transparency along the continuum of conservation.