This website is about a project on Tribal consultation as it relates to the government-to-government relationship between Indigenous peoples and the United States. The Tribal consultation project was started by Elizabeth Kronk Warner (Utah), Kathy Lynn (Oregon), and Kyle Whyte (Michigan). The team currently includes Matt Nepute (Utah). The project seeks to grow the body of knowledge about how Tribal consultation can be further advanced to support the sovereignty, empowerment, and consent of Indigenous peoples. In particular, the work investigates the dimensions of consultation pertaining to law, justice, policy, culture, and morality. While the initial focus has been on the context of the United States, the research and resources can also serve as relevant information for dialogue across Indigenous peoples globally who are taking up issues of consultation, free, prior and informed consent, and the right to self-determination.

This website features two pages. The first page features the project's already published work, and includes some information about future research endeavors. The second page is a working guide for resources and news on Tribal consultation.


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