Tara Harrison


Ultimately, Congress should tackle the sexist mentality and sexual escapades of United States troops stationed abroad. Congress should open a serious dialogue with the Pentagon and encourage it to clean up its act, perhaps through incentives. Alternatively, Congress should mandate the Pentagon's compliance by passing legislation expressly forbidding prostitution overseas and providing serious criminal penalties for those who aid in or abet such activity. If these troops decide to have irresponsible sex with women abroad, they should at least be responsible for the children they subsequently create. Imposing childrearing, or at least financial, responsibilities on these troops would provide a disincentive for them to carelessly conceive and then abandon children while simultaneously treating foreign women as mere sex objects. By taking such action, the United States would be in a better position to hold itself out as a moral leader of the world, and would demonstrate to the international community that it is a nation that cares for its children.